Why Effective Micro Organisms
The most traditional purpose of agriculture is the production of foodstuffs. Besides the quantity of the produced foodstuffs, the quality as well as the sustainability of production are playing an increasingly important role. Another factor is “how” the production occurred, in harmony with natural cycles such as observing a particular crop rotation or the negative impact from the excessive use of artificial fertilizers or agricultural pesticides. This is becoming increasingly important to farmers and consumers alike.
What is Perla Vita Effective Micro Organisms?
Without micro organisms, no inhabitable biosphere would exist on our planet. Micro organisms made life on earth possible in its present form. They enriched the initially life-threatening atmosphere of the Earth with that all-important substance - oxygen.
Effective micro organisms are a special mixture of micro organisms that support regenerative processes and suppress putrefactive processes.
The most important micro organisms in Perla Vita are lactic acid bacteria, yeast and photosynthesis bacteria. All micro organisms are collected in nature and specially cultured. Not genetically modified.

Perla Vita A
Perla Vita A are natural agents that have not been genetically modified and consist of yeasts, lactic acid cultures and photosynthesis bacteria.
They support the conversion of organic matter in the nutrients available to plants and create conditions that prevent the existence of pathogenic germs (pathogens).

Perla Vita C
Perla Vita C is manufactured in several steps from natural mineral raw materials according to special grinding and sorting processes under quality supervision and without chemical additives.
The production method used ensures an optimal particle size for the application as pure plant aid in the area of foliar fertilisation, as well as in connection with Perla Vİta A micro organisms as a comprehensive solution for healthy plant growth.