Potato Seeds

Established in 2005, Iyitar is the official Turkish representative of Austrias leading potato seed producer NÖS.

Iyitar, plants seeds and conducts experimental production of edible potatoes from NÖS in order to register and supply the potato chips and frozen goods manufacturers seed demand in Turkey.

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Productivity with Effective Micro Organisms

It is possible to see a significant increase in productivity and quality, with the use of Perla Vita C Calcium Carbonate and Perla Vita A Active Micro Organisms.

Due to the increase in plants
immune systems
a significant decrease in
diseases are observed.

We have conducted many
experiments in different
fields and obtained great

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Perla Vita A

Increases soil productivity, improves plants immune system and support healthy growth, rejuvinates soil which has lost its properties due to chemical and fertilizer use.

Perla Vita C

A natural source of calcium, manufactured from natural minerals using specialized grinding and sorting techniques with no
chemical additives or
nano technology.

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